We endeavour to provide you with regular Zouk Lambada congress updates, accomodation, flights and hotel information as well as local tourist information for the congress you intend participating in.


The main objective being to develop zouk lambada congresses worldwide.


Future ideas:

The emphasis being on one zouk lambada congress in Porto Seguro either every year or every 2 years, and another one at a chosen location by participants of the congress, where a location is chosen out of all the participants and a percentage of funds used to then create a congress in that city / location for the growth and expansion of zouk lambada worldwide.


The idea is to join together some ideas to grow a bigger and stronger more supporting worldwide scene.


And for the teachers to be compensated not only for their classes at the congress but also for selling tickets to these congresses.


support our vision for better, well funded and more inclusive congresses.




currently based in Perth


ZlPerth facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZoukLambadaPerth